Overview 2017

As dawn breaks on the New Year 2018, H&H IP LAW wishes to express its satisfaction with its significant accomplishments throughout 2017 as it is eager to share them with their loyal partners.

Key dates

3/5 April 2017: Training sessions

As happens every year, H&H IP LAW holds training sessions on behalf of their clients (Brand holders) under the theme «Fight against counterfeiting – means of detection of counterfeit goods » organized in favor of customs officers (more than 300 customs officers) operating in the major ports in Morocco (Casablanca and Tangier cities).

April 24th, 2017: Protection of industrial property rights in Africa

We inform you that « H&H IP LAW » has teamed up with an international IP Law Firm through its African branch, for the purpose of providing their complementary expertise in the field of Industrial Property at the service of Moroccan and foreign companies and investors wishing to engage in the development of the African continent, to which Morocco is a stakeholder.

On this occasion, we inform you that this partnership was concretized on April 24, 2017 in Casablanca city at a ceremony/conference, in the presence of several key figures from different fields: economic, legal, and social, responding to the Invitation of the founders of the two firms, who presented their strategic visions, regarding the Protection of Industrial Property Rights in Africa, under the theme: « Industrial Property, a leverage for Investment in Africa ».

May 2017: Inclusion on TrombinojurisMaroc

We inform you that « H&H IP LAW » is now included in the reputable firms list of “TrombinojurisMaroc” directory. It’s a highly regarded website listing the prestigious Moroccan and African Law Firms. To check our profile, please click on the following link: https://www.trombinojuris.com/annuaire/show/list/1603012/1.

May 20th, 2017: Participation in INTA 2017

For the 5th consecutive year, « H&H IP LAW » has attended the 139th International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting, held in Barcelona. This event is the first event of the trademark’s community for networking, continuous training in the legal field for Brand Owners/Agent and interprofessional exchanges on industrial property.

October 1st,2017: OMPIC online transactions processing

Further to the implementation of an online filing platform by OMPIC (he Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office), the majority of transactions made with the latter, which were previously operated via a physical deposit of documents, are now processed on online through our firm namely: Trademarks (Filing, Renewal, and Opposition), Designs(Filing and Renewal) and Patents (Payment of Annuities).

However, for encouraging the use of this platform, the OMPIC’s has reduced tariffs with respect to online transactions, in order to optimize costs on behalf of our clients; we favor online deposit transactions processing.

October 5 and 6, 2017 : Participation in Les Rencontres Africa 2017 in Tunis

The Africa Meetings are intended to constitute the major business meeting for African and French companies. In 2017, in a spirit of reciprocity, they were organized in Africa. They intend to contribute, concretely and effectively, to the strengthening of partnerships of all kinds between French and African companies.

Therefore, H&H IP LAW participated in this event by setting up a stand, in which we presented our services in Morocco and Africa, by exchanging with representatives of companies and rights holders for the protection of these latters in Africa.

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